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Neurodiverse and Disability Financial
Planning Services

For those who think differently… We specialize working with families’ adults and employers who value neurodivergent and disabled talent to help plan for their financial future.
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Unique Needs Require Specialized Knowledge

Everyone's journey is their own and each of us experiences the world differently from everyone else. The reason we understand this is because we’ve been there ourselves. Our Certified Financial Planners help you to understand what’s most important to you in life and why it’s important. No matter who you are, No matter your diagnosis . We know disability is just a word, a diagnosis a label that limits OTHERS imagination and expectations. Our aim is to shatter those expectations, radically change the perception of what is possible, and remove any barrier to your financial liberation.

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Disability / Special Needs Planning For Families

We work with families of adult children with special needs / intellectual disabilities and other forms of neurodiversity.

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Financial Planning For Autistics

As neurodivergent adults ourselves, we founded our firm to help others who think differently just as we do, plan for the future.

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Neurodiversity Benefits For Employers

We specialize in helping business owners who recognize the value of hiring neurodivergent employees and built a benefit package to support them.

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Planning Across the Spectrum is built from the ground up on an understanding of neurodiversity, not just from textbooks, but from lived experience that can’t be replaced, taught or bought. We are neurodivergent individuals ourselves and active members of the community, living with disabilities, and caring for those with disabilities everyday. Our own lived experiences have taught us how important it is to find the right balance of individual needs and family care.

Our work experiences have taught us how to most effectively create that balance for our clients. We are passionate about helping families and empowering individuals We have experienced the medical, social, educational, legal, vocational, and relational issues that come with being a member of the autism and disability community. Thanks to this we can now provide specialized knowledge to all our clients. We understand that, just like every individual, every situation is unique.
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