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What makes our neurodiverse financial planning services different?

We are interested in more than just your retirement assets and how much money you have in the bank. We’re independent financial advisors, and that means we aren’t here to sell you anything, only to help you build the future you want. Everyone in our office does a different thing but we all work together. Whether you need a full financial plan explained in detail, a review of your career, life, or financial goals, a review of your health or life insurance options, or need help with addressing debt, we are here and are ready to help you strive for your best life.

As certified neurodiversity financial planners, people often think that we just want to know your finances and not you. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Here at Planning Across the Spectrum, we know how vital it is to truly know our clients, otherwise, we wouldn’t understand why the things going on in their lives are important to them and how we can help by making smart financial decisions. Though it definitely helps that we also greatly enjoy getting to know our clients. Reaching one’s goals in life isn’t only about striving for them, but also about goal development and commitment to goals. At Planning Across the Spectrum, we don’t need to know what’s next in your life, because we know sometimes even you don’t know. We’re here for every step of this process, from figuring out what you want out of life, to getting it, to keeping it. We’ll help you build the bigger picture of your life, and that’s something we can only develop together as we get to know you. In truth, this is something every good financial planner knows. This makes us different from simply an investment advisor or insurance agent, but it’s not what makes us truly unique.

We focus on individualized planning for unique needs and members of the disabled community

Beyond being caring certified financial planners with the expertise needed to help our clients through lives unexpected and often difficult financial situations, we also pride ourselves on working with the disabled and neurodiverse population. As a majority of the staff at Planning Across the Spectrum, including our financial planners, are neurodivergent it makes sense that we have all been drawn to working with this community. When we say we specialize in working with the disabled population, we mean that it’s our entire focus. It’s who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We not only deeply understand the difficulties many disabled people face with understanding and obtaining important finance-related resources such as benefits and insurance, but we also know the potential that is being held back. Held back by the needless complexity of special needs trusts, estate planning, Medicare, and so many other things they have to navigate.

Throughout our collective work and individual lives, we have met many disabled individuals including those with autism, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, and more that are weighed down by confusing or dysfunctional financial systems. And these individuals could be thriving! They could be doing amazing things with their time that would make them happier and benefit those around them and their communities, but they are stuck worrying about and trying to keep their health insurance or benefits. We want to help them thrive, and often we are able to do just that.

As disabled individuals and passionate members of the community who see some of ourselves in each of our clients, we are always thinking as advocates. We want disabled individuals and their families to feel confident about the future. And we will stand up and fight for that. We understand the emotional aspects of caring for a loved one with a disability and the deeply held desire for independence many disabled individuals feel. We work hard to get the clients we work with what they need to feel that confidence about the future. We understand the importance of working with disabled individuals, and we have the understanding to do this work well, and this makes us different than most financial planners. There are others who do this work though, who understand the importance of serving this community, and we are proud to be working beside them in this growing field. This isn’t what makes us unique either.

We are passionate about giving financial independence to neurodiverse individuals

What really makes us unique is how we build on everything we’ve discussed so far to approach financial planning in a completely unique way. By being smart and effective financial planners as well as having the personal understanding and expertise to work with the disabled population we can strive towards our true goal: Empowering disabled individuals to have an active say in their financial planning.

This is our goal, and it is connected to everything we do as certified financial planners. Our aim is to empower the disabled individuals we work with because we have seen many great financial planners that only focus on working with the parents or loved ones of a disabled individual, and we have seen the limitations of that approach. Disabled individuals are not only in the best position to know what they want out of their financial decisions, but their parents and loved ones will not be around forever. By working to empower individuals to have an active say, we also prepare them for a future full of unexpected turns. Our financial advisors will be with them every step of the way, consistently further empowering them to make the financial decisions they want to make.

Every individual we work with is different and empowerment looks different for each client. But empowerment and active say are central to achieving what they want out of life. We know how to effectively prepare disabled individuals for happy and fulfilling lives, and that is how. Even if we’re the only ones who see that, we’re going to work tirelessly to bring that ideology to our work every step of the way. We empower our clients to build the future they want. That is what makes us truly unique. The way we work with disabled individuals is what makes us truly different, and the clients we work with feel this difference

We are talented neurodiverse professionals with a commitment to building clients' unique futures

Our passion for empowering disabled individuals comes from the fact that this is not just a career for us. Everyone who works at Planning Across the Spectrum is a dedicated disability advocate who uses this work as an opportunity to help others and support their communities. Our overarching goal is to build community and empower individuals. That’s what makes us unique, but it’s also worth mentioning that we do it very well. We know how to effectively empower our clients.

We work to make connections easier for individuals we work with so that they can effectively navigate our often-confusing world. We work with benefit consultants, estate attorneys, accountants, trust offices and companies, and government agencies to ensure that a person who is receiving benefits (or not) is receiving the individualized support they need and that their family estate plan, retirement planning, and future planning for a supported family member are all coordinated. Our work isn’t just about what makes us unique, it’s about understanding what makes you unique. Tax deductions, healthcare issues, and insurance changes are all a crucial part of building a life for yourself, and we want disabled people to be able to build the unique lives that they want for themselves. That’s why we’re here.

You don’t have to do this alone.

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