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Financial Planning For Neurodiverse Individuals

We are a different kind of Financial Planning Company. Planning Across the Spectrum is built from the ground up on an understanding of neurodiversity and an awareness of how often financial planning assistance for neurodiverse individuals is overlooked. We are neurodiverse individuals ourselves and have families full of neurodiverse members. Our own lived experiences have taught us how important it is to find the right balance of individual needs and family care. Our work experiences have taught us how to most effectively create that balance for our clients. We are passionate about helping families and empowering individuals, and on this page, we will lay out a few of the ways we do this for the neurodiverse community.

Neurodiverse Financial Planning

Individuals with unique needs commonly find themselves overwhelmed by independent living. They are not alone. Neurodiverse individuals routinely struggle with executive functioning, but we don’t think about how that affects the finances of living your life. But we at Planning Across the Spectrum have thought about it thoroughly! Here we try to make things simple, talking to clients as people and prioritizing their needs and goals in life including money skills, vehicle purchases, housing, and career decisions. We approach all our solutions from a neurodiverse perspective and through that create solutions that are clear, understandable, and made up of actionable steps.

As a client we meet you where you are because we know how important that really is, and we set clear expectations through clear communication. We communicate in your preferred style and make sure we are utilized as a resource to help you along the way. You have a life to live, let us help you live it to the fullest!

Neurodiverse Investment Management

Planning Across the Spectrum is founded and run by neurodiverse individuals like yourself. And we don’t just check the box of being neurodivergent, we believe in neurodiversity and the historically overlooked capabilities or neurodiverse individuals. We believe neurodiverse individuals deserve more, it’s one of our core values. So, when we went on a journey to help our clients invest in their values, it inevitably led us to supporting businesses that stand for and commit to neurodiversity inclusion. That’s why we founded the Neurodiversity Index, so that clients, our clients, could have access to investing in the power of neurodiversity. We’ve seen through our work that inclusivity efforts make stronger and more profitable businesses. Neurodiversity inclusion is the future, so let’s invest in that future together!

Neurodiverse Insurance Specialization

Insurance is complicated. It’s so complicated that it’s easy to forget how important it really is. Insurance is crucial to so many people because it helps them plan for the future, understand their finances better, and have peace of mind. While insurance can be a struggle to figure out and acquire, it can also be a great resource for neurodiverse individuals. Especially when it comes to having peace of mind, which is often hard to come by. If you struggle to find resources or are frenzied by everything you need to do insurance wise, we’ll help you prioritize and simplify your tasks! We can help you find the right insurance plan, determine what needs to be done and in what order, and then provide you with the information needed to take those next steps. And we’ll do this as neurodiverse individuals ourselves who know how to communicate with you effectively about the complex world of insurance. We understand unique health, life and disability insurance needs and we’re here to make sure those needs are met!

Ongoing Neurodivergent Financial Planning and Mentorship

Financial Planning is a journey, and sometimes all we need is a nudge to keep us motivated or someone to point us in the right direction. We at Planning Across the Spectrum understand that not every neurodiverse individual knows exactly what they want out of an understanding of their finances. But we believe that we all have the right to understand our finances and explore the opportunities that comes with that. We want to help you on your own journey, and for many that means letting them lead the way. Every client we work with is different, and we aim to empower them to follow their own paths. At the same time, we know first-hand how important it is to talk to someone who “gets it.” We will be your sounding board. We will talk out your ideas and brainstorm possibilities. We want you to be your best self, and sometimes that just means ongoing mentorship or routine check-ins! Just remember, we will be there with you every step of the way in whatever way you need us to be.

More In-Depth Financial Advice

The team at Planning Across the Spectrum have “walked in your shoes,” to some degree. We have a deep understanding of neurodiverse communication and how to communicate with individuals in ways that make sense to them. We use this insight into effective communication to guide all of our clients through a planning process that suits their needs and lifestyle. Whether you want to save money, buy a house, get your first job, open an ABLE account, or retire, we can help you in a way that’s unique to you.

You’ve Got the Diagnosis. Now what?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder or disability, we encourage you to contact Planning Across the Spectrum for a consultation. We will:

  • Identify the best resources for you and your current situation
  • Create a prioritized checklist of actionable steps for obtaining resources and moving forward
  • Offer information on potential adult support including, but not limited to, insurance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI),Medicare, Medicaid, and community respite care resources
  • Provide training, mentorship, and workshops on important financial skills

Financial Planning assistance by and for neurodiverse individuals has never been so accessible. So, reach out, let’s get to work!