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Neurodiversity Financial Planning Blog

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  • Posted March 24, 2023

Ways to Optimize An ABLE Account

Part one of a two-part series: learn how to optimize an ABLE for a non-disabled contributor, like a …

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Credit Freeze illustration
  • Posted March 10, 2023

How to Freeze Your Child’s Credit In A Neurodiverse Family

Learn the basics of freezing your child's credit in a neurodiverse family.

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woman with man in wheelchair at sunset
  • Posted February 16, 2023

The Benefits of Using a Trust for Disabled Heirs

Creating a trust for disabled heirs is an incredibly important step in planning your estate. A trust can …

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elderly hands holding younger hands
  • Posted February 8, 2023

Financial Planning Tools Elderly Autistic Patients Need

The healthcare and medical needs of your autistic relatives can start to get quite expensive as they get …

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person in wheelchair typing on laptop
  • Posted December 13, 2022

Why Low-Income Disabled Individuals Should Sign Up for Medicaid

Paying for medical insurance may be a concern if you’re low-income and Medicaid can be the best solution. …

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smiling parents with little kids laughing using smartphone together
  • Posted December 9, 2022

How and When to Use Term Insurance in Special Needs Financial Planning

Why a family might choose term insurance to help provide the future financial protection they need and want …

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woman high fiving daughter in wheelchair
  • Posted December 2, 2022

Assets to Leave Behind to Your Disabled Children

No one knows when their time will come, but if you are a parent of a disabled child, …

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  • Posted November 15, 2022

Do I Have To Stop Claiming My Disabled Child As A Dependent When They Start Receiving SSI?

Should I stop claiming my disabled child as a dependent when they start receiving SSI? Learn more.

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  • Posted November 10, 2022

How Do Neurodivergents Use Donor-Advised Funds?

Learn how neurodivergents can use donor-advised funds.

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  • Posted November 9, 2022

What to Think About When Caring for Autistic Adults

When you are caring for an autistic adult, it is important to think about everything that they need …

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