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Financial Planning for special needs families

At Planning Across The Spectrum we start by asking “why” rather than simply just asking “how”. Why are we here and where would we like to end up? Together we need to try and understand the kind of life you want, your values, and the things that are most important to you. We look at your situation on a personal level. This is not the time for cookie-cutter advice and we want to ensure that you are treated with the utmost personal care and respect.

We also understand that financial planning can seem like a daunting task, and we have various options to help you achieve your goals.

Option 1

Meet with a Special Needs Advisor

Option 2

Meet with a Financial Advisor

Option 3

Meet with a Special Needs Advisor and a Financial Advisor

Chartered Special Needs Financial Consultant

We understand that long-term financial planning for special needs can be complicated and challenging, especially when it comes to legal hiccups surrounding disabilities. This is why we are specifically licensed and trained to help clients through the process of navigating all routes while making the journey as easy as possible for you. As a Chartered Special Needs Consultant, Andrew is educated specifically in helping with the unique concerns that come with individuals with special needs including questions surrounding honesty, ethics, and compassion. A ChSNC® can navigate the unique considerations, estate planning, special needs trusts, life insurance, tax deductions, healthcare issues, Medicaid complexities, and the emotional aspects of providing for a loved one with a disability.