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Recovering From Financial Crisis When You Are Autistic
Posted: June 24, 2020

LOMAH Special Needs Podcast: Avoiding Financial Planning Mishaps
Posted: May 12, 2020

A Case for Working When You Have a Disability
Posted: April 17, 2020

Stock Market, Autism, and Anxiety Part II: This one is for the anxious
Posted: March 18, 2020

Stock Market, Autism, and Anxiety
Posted: March 17, 2020

Should 529 Funds Be Transferred to an ABLE Account?
Posted: January 16, 2020

How to Save on Groceries
Posted: November 5, 2019

Credit Cards and Autism: What to Know
Posted: October 31, 2019

Q&A: Building An Organization Dedicated To Special Needs Planning
Posted: October 30, 2019

3 Tips for Getting a Job With Autism
Posted: October 9, 2019

Are You Financially Prepared for a Disabling Injury?
Posted: September 26, 2019

Beware the “Great” Deals
Posted: August 19, 2019

ABLE Accounts in Connecticut
Posted: May 15, 2019

‘On the Spectrum’ Advisor Focuses on Clients with Autism
Posted: March 28, 2019

Spending Plan vs Budget
Posted: February 25, 2019

Planning Across the Spectrum Podcast with Maryland Financial Advocates
Posted: February 23, 2019

What Can A Special Needs Trust Pay For?
Posted: February 14, 2019

Stop The Madness
Posted: December 17, 2018

FREEZE (your credit)
Posted: December 10, 2018

A Few Planning Rules of Thumb
Posted: November 26, 2018

Home Ownership Potential Landmines
Posted: November 26, 2018

Home Equity Loan or HELOC? What’s the Difference?
Posted: October 8, 2018

Let’s Change the Conversation
Posted: October 1, 2018

Do You Have A Parachute?
Posted: September 17, 2018

The Price of Convenience
Posted: June 4, 2018

Our Financial Advisor Andrew Komarow
Posted: April 1, 2018

Financial Planning
Posted: March 30, 2018

Health Insurance
Posted: March 26, 2018

Improve Your $ Habits
Posted: October 15, 2017

Adversity – Furnace or Forge
Posted: September 10, 2017

Mind the Gap
Posted: July 23, 2017

When Is Your “Independence Day”?
Posted: July 3, 2017

Walk before you Run
Posted: June 18, 2017

Nothing Wrong with Simplicity
Posted: June 11, 2017

Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog
Posted: May 28, 2017

Vets – save that pension
Posted: May 21, 2017

How to Transition to a Monthly Paycheck
Posted: May 14, 2017

Do You Have/Need an Exit Strategy?
Posted: May 7, 2017

Why I’d Rather Pay
Posted: March 26, 2017

Automate This…
Posted: March 19, 2017

Why it’s tough to save (and how to help)
Posted: February 19, 2017

Charitable Giving – A Gift to Yourself
Posted: February 12, 2017

Beware the “Deal”
Posted: January 22, 2017

Look Before You Leap
Posted: January 16, 2017

Taking Your First Steps towards Financial Fitness
Posted: January 9, 2017

New Year, New You?!
Posted: January 2, 2017

Don’t Buy into the Hype
Posted: December 19, 2016

Pooled Trusts
Posted: December 14, 2016

Get Rich, Quick?!
Posted: December 12, 2016

Why you should wait until 70 to file for Social Security when you have disabled child
Posted: November 15, 2016

Holidays and Gifts
Posted: October 14, 2016

Frederick County Affordable Housing Land Trust
Posted: August 26, 2016

Veterans and Survivors Pension (VA)
Posted: July 8, 2016

ABLE Update
Posted: June 24, 2016

Saving for College
Posted: May 27, 2016

A Guide to Guardianship, Conservatorship and Supported Decision Making
Posted: November 2, 2020

Can the Second PPP Help Me as An Autistic Small Business Owner?
Posted: January 22, 2021

Per Capita vs. Per Stirpes: Beneficiary Designations Defined
Posted: June 17, 2021

Special Needs Financial Planning For Children And The Grandparents Connection
Posted: May 21, 2021

A Guide to Navigating HUSKY in Connecticut For 2021
Posted: June 29, 2021

Should I Use Person First Or Identity First Language?
Posted: July 21, 2021

Autism, Neurodiversity And Choosing Health Insurance
Posted: July 29, 2021

My Mother Left My Autistic Brother Her Home When She Died. Will That Impact His Disability Benefits?
Posted: August 2, 2021

How Does In-kind Support And Maintenance Reduce Supplemental Security Income?
Posted: August 7, 2021

Why Should I Charge My Adult Child Rent? (SSI and ISM)
Posted: August 15, 2021

When Should A Financial Planner Consider Skipping The Special Needs Trust
Posted: September 6, 2021

Do I Need A Neurodivergent Financial Advisor?
Posted: September 15, 2021

What Is The Disabled Adult Child (DAC) Benefit Program?
Posted: September 24, 2021

Autism, And Planning For Retirement
Posted: November 2, 2021

Three Part Series: The Financial Benefits Of An ABLE Account
Posted: October 2, 2021

Three Part Series: The Emotional Benefits Of An ABLE Account
Posted: October 12, 2021

Maximizing The Financial And Emotional Benefits Of An ABLE Account
Posted: October 22, 2021

What Are Disability Income Limits For 2022?
Posted: December 7, 2021

2021 Year In Review At Planning Across The Spectrum
Posted: December 16, 2021

Why You Want A Financial Advisor To Discuss Corporate Trustee Options For Special Needs Families
Posted: January 2, 2022

Financial Planning? Like Investments? I’m Not Interested
Posted: March 22, 2022

Changing The Current Conversations Around Dyslexia: Why We Need To Do It, And How It Can Be Done
Posted: March 30, 2022

The Importance of Goal Setting and Financial Planning for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled Individuals
Posted: April 13, 2022

Higher Education & Financial Aid: The Importance Of An Annual FAFSA
Posted: May 13, 2022

A Guide to Navigating HUSKY in Connecticut For 2022
Posted: May 24, 2022

The Value and Importance of Autistic Individuals Embracing Special Interests
Posted: May 26, 2022

How to Make Sure Your Assets Go to a Child With Disabilities
Posted: July 9, 2022

Tools That Can Help Low-Income Individuals Who Are Neurodiverse
Posted: July 14, 2022

The Benefits of Working with a Certified Financial Planner for Autistic and ADHD Individuals
Posted: August 16, 2022

The Difference Between Being A Trustee And An Investment Advisor
Posted: August 19, 2022

What Type of Special Needs Trust Do I Need?
Posted: August 25, 2022

Budgeting With ADHD - Should I Combine Finances With My ADHD Partner?
Posted: September 12, 2022

Important Aspects of Caring for Disabled Relatives
Posted: September 14, 2022

What Is the “ADHD Tax” on the Neurodiverse?
Posted: September 23, 2022

Unique Financial Challenges That Neurodivergent People Face
Posted: October 21, 2022

A Case for Survivorship Life Insurance and How it Works Together with Neurodiverse Needs Planning
Posted: October 24, 2022

The Importance of Insurance and Honest Conversations For The Neurodiverse
Posted: October 28, 2022

What to Think About When Caring for Autistic Adults
Posted: November 9, 2022

How Do Neurodivergents Use Donor-Advised Funds?
Posted: November 10, 2022

Assets to Leave Behind to Your Disabled Children
Posted: December 2, 2022

Financial Planning Tools Elderly Autistic Patients Need
Posted: February 8, 2023

How to Freeze Your Child’s Credit In A Neurodiverse Family
Posted: March 10, 2023

Ways to Optimize An ABLE Account
Posted: March 24, 2023