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Inclusive Benefits Planning for Employers

We Empower Employers to Build A Stronger Business

In the world of benefits, shifting legislation and economic changes can create confusion for employers. Our goal is to enable employers to offer competitive benefits that suit the financial needs of all employees, including neurodiverse and special needs talent. We know the importance of this, as well as the value of doing it right, because we have a high level of expertise in this field, and not only from Planning Across the Spectrum's past work. This expertise is built on personal and professional experience as well as the many years of researching and learning by Andrew Komarow, founder of Planning Across the Spectrum.

We are now a company with many Certified Financial Planners, Registered Employee Benefits Consultants, and Accredited Investment Fiduciaries who hold dozens of additional designations and certifications. As Fiduciaries, we have a legal responsibility to offer you the best financial advice for you and your situation. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and are proud of, we want you to know we are committed to helping your business thrive. We strive to keep up to date and be the very best. We are also independent and not tied to any company, creating an environment where we are truly only here to help you succeed. We have no underlying motives, but we do have the experience and expertise to help your business. We are licensed in all 50 states and are proficient in laws and regulations as well as in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Department of Labor (DOL), and other important entities. We are experienced in and committed to providing excellent service remotely or on-site. We know what we’re doing, and we have the expertise to work with you to create an environment where you, your employees, and the business as a whole thrive.

Employer Benefits For The Neurodivergent Consulting Experience

Through our expertise and experience, we also know how to take as much work off of your hands as possible. There are many advisors that simply provide advice and stop there, but we think that is missing the bigger picture. Inclusion and employee benefits are two complex topics, and we know you’re bringing us in because we have the expertise you need. Our solutions are focused on saving you time and money by working together closely while taking on the work of developing comprehensive solutions to complex challenges so you can focus on what’s really important, running your business. While we have often focused on Neurodiversity Inclusion, in particular, it’s important to mention that the benefits of an inclusive culture extend to all many different types of inclusivity.

Designing a good group benefits plan is a core piece of building a company with high employee retention, one of the main building blocks of any successful and sustainable company. We offer tailored recommendations for seamless integration of benefit packages to suit the needs of the business and its employees without changing providers or struggling with a messy integration. This means considering clearly valuable benefits such as a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan as well as more obscure benefits such as a Group Legal Plan. With that being said, let’s discuss what we have learned about designing group benefits for employers and how that expertise could benefit you as well. Contact us to learn more about our inclusive employer group benefit planning consulting services.

Group Benefits is a Powerful Tool for any Employer

We often start these consultations by discussing the possibilities that relate to employee retirement, 401k’s, and 403(b)’s. 401k’s and 403(b)’s are similar types of retirement plans that are for different types of business. A 401k can be offered by a for-profit business, while a 403(b) can be offered by a nonprofit business. This makes providing this type of retirement plan to your employees very accessible, regardless of the type of business you run. 401k’s and 403(b)’s do have important differences, however, these differences are only worth discussing regarding how they fit in with the other benefits you offer, and figuring that out is exactly what our expertise is in. These types of retirement plans are very valuable places to start in our opinion because they are too often overlooked when discussing populations such as neurodiverse individuals or other people who cannot always hold down what is thought of as a traditional job. We aim to change how overlooked they are.

As an employer, we’re sure you know what a 401(k) is. It’s an employer-sponsored retirement plan. What you may not be fully aware of is the value of building a 401k into your employee benefits packages, especially when you are aiming to create an inclusive company for all of your employees. We have found that many neurodiverse employees often feel overlooked by their employers and a group benefits plan that feels slapped together without any thought put into it how it can empower and support employees, does not help this matter. Neurodivergent individuals are going to retire as well, and for them, a 401k can be more than just a resource for the future, it can also be a sign that the company cares and is willing to invest in them. For employees who may not have always felt supported in past jobs, as many are, seeing that the company is willing to invest in a long-term plan with them can bring out a side of them that past employers have never seen. When employees feel invested in their companies, they feel invested in their company's success. A 401k is a crucial piece of this formula and is a discussion we have with employers more often than any other. Everyone looks forward to retirement, but not everyone looks forward to planning for it, so 401(k) and retirement plans are necessary.

We Know How to Save You Money, Time, and Stress While Still Supporting your Employees

A strong financial plan can take the hassle out of this process and secure a balance of investment products that may yield the retirement lifestyle many people dream of. Tax savings are achieved by setting aside a portion of pre-tax salary in a tax-deferred investment account, which can also generate compound interest and capital appreciation. Depending on the type of plan selected, 401(k) plans can also offer yields from a variety of investment options, creating an even greater connection between the company and the employees. When you work with us, we are dedicated to determining what works best for you and your goals.

There are many different tools we use to create effective benefits plans for employers, and while our primary focus is often on 401k it is important to mention how much room there is to support your employees in the best and most appropriate way. These tools include disability, life, and health insurance which can help protect your workers while also showing them you care about them and want to give them the support and peace of mind to do their job as best they can. We also work with pension plans and are always ready to discuss the difference between different types of pension plans and different reimbursement benefits covering everything from transportation to student loans. We even have the experience and connections to shop around to ensure you get the most competitive services and work with your existing HR systems before advising on alternatives. We help you offer more to your employees and provide benefits you never thought possible. Let us take this work off your hands so we can both focus on what we do best, and build your company stronger than ever.

We are experts in designing employee benefits packages from top to bottom and we know exactly how to make the most out of every step along the way. You and your company are unique, and we specialize in building on the strengths that come from being unique. We understand the business aspect of this, but we also understand how much your company means to you and your employees, and we embrace that. The importance of coordinating with your current administrators or suggesting a fitting alternative is clear to us because this is your business, and we want to empower it to thrive in its own unique way. We decode the facts, simplify the process, and allow business owners to help their diverse employee populations plan for the future.

We Know You and Your Employees

We also offer many perspectives and services that we are able to bring due to our specific expertise. An important example of this is that as a Financial Planning Company operated by and employing autistic individuals, we have a unique ability to help companies empower their neurodivergent workers. This can come in many forms including basic “money skills” lessons for the neurodiverse to better understanding how to combat anxiety related to income. Our unique understandings allow us to understand you, your company, and your employees in unique ways. We have routinely used this ability to build a stronger level of support for often overlooked workers, especially neurodiverse workers, whose challenges we can often relate to. Through this knowledge we can build an even stronger foundation for our consultations, resulting in opportunities to make major shifts to how the employees of your company relate to you and the company's success.

By having such a wide breadth of expertise within our company we are able to handle any and all traditional work businesses need to be done. On top of that though we are also able to build and empower businesses in ways that are routinely overlooked. We have experienced firsthand how neurodivergent individuals can thrive when given the right support, and this includes thriving in their work. By working with them to develop a nuanced understanding of money skills and how to support themselves, they are able to bring that self-advocacy to their businesses, often becoming leaders in the process. We believe in the power of empowering businesses by empowering everyone who makes that business run. We look for every possible way to use our unique expertise to create opportunities for success. The tools we have to build your business span from the common to the very unexpected, but they all center around building a stronger business from the ground up.

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