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  • Posted August 20, 2018

What’s Your Excuse?!

In the past I would get frustrated when people reach out for a “friend” or say they will be “in touch”, because I would spend hours trying to follow-up only to be met with radio silence. Although I still don’t understand what drives someone to take the first step and stop, I’ve stopped chasing them.

I’ve tried to understand, truly I have. If it was after we met and I said it will cost “x” to work with me, I think I would get it. I’d still hope they would be direct enough to tell me “no” (even w/o a reason), but I’d have an easier time accepting it. But in many cases people aren’t (to the best of my knowledge) reaching out to retain my services – it often seems like they just wanted to be pointed in the right direction.

I’m all for anyone/everyone doing things on their own, however I have learned we ALL get in our own way; so having an accountability partner is a great way to ensure follow-through. Maybe this is the answer, they’re not ready to follow-through. Perhaps the fog is too thick, and the unknown too questionable.

I’ve been there, most recently with my son’s Medicaid application. In my mind I made the process to be this HUGE ordeal, especially after trying to get it done online and encountering a few challenges. So instead of just taking him to the appropriate office and getting it done, I made excuses – “too busy”, “I don’t want to deal with taking him out”, etc. And I have friends in this world who would have helped if I had asked – but I never even brought it up.

Instead, I justified my inaction. He has insurance, and he’s been approved for the rest of his life to stay with it. But there is no telling what the future holds, my military insurance benefits have changed significantly in the last (10) years, and whose to say they won’t again. At least with Medicaid as a back-up (and in 2 years Medicare) he stands a much better chance of having all his needs met.

It became a moot point because the Social Security office filed on his behalf and we received his card in the mail; but now I have to beware considering this a reward for my lack of inaction. If I’m not careful it could lead to further inactivity, with the justification “someone else will do it”. This was my excuse – what’s yours?