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  • Posted June 3, 2019

What’s the Upside?

Life has peaks and valleys, and it’s all too easy to allow yourself to believe your never going to get out of the hole when everything seems to blow up around you. We have to work hard to remind ourselves of our past success, by keeping these in the front of our minds we’ll more readily accept the hiccups that come along.

Speaking for myself, if I’m not careful I tend to put a negative spin on things and I need to make a conscious effort to notice what is going right in my life. It’s sneaky, this penchant I have for allowing myself to get negative; I usually don’t catch it until I replay conversations I’ve had and wonder who the hell was talking – because this other me looks for reasons to find fault (as a way of making me feel better about myself, I guess).

I’m learning the triggers, in my case it’s when I seem to be losing ground with my son. I start questioning what I could be doing better, and it seems like everyone else around me has it all figured out. Of course this isn’t true, as parents of children with disabilities we’re all on the same roller coaster of ups and downs – it’s not fair to other parents or ourselves to try to compare our story with theirs.

This post is meant to remind myself, and anyone out there who also needs the reminder, that to experience life is to go through it’s highs AND lows; because the lows allow us to recognize and appreciate the highs, and the highs are what will get us through the lows. If you, like me, find yourself speaking or acting negatively – shift your focus. You WILL find what you are looking for, so when you decide to notice all the good things in your life it will become much easier to see how abundant your blessings are.