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  • Posted April 15, 2019

“What If”

What if you’re child wasn’t completely helpless, just needs more time to learn something?

What if you found ways to break down processes (like cooking) even further, for example showing how to find a measuring cup before explaining how to use?

What if we celebrated what people (of any abilities) could do, instead of highlighting what they cannot?

What if we focused on what was going well in our lives, instead of what is stressing us out?

What if we accept most people aren’t out to deliberately hurt us, but rather are too caught up in their own lives to even notice how they are affecting us?

What if we focused on changing one thing we control, rather than dwell on everything whether we can change it or not?

What if we were nice to ourselves today?

What if we gave ourselves permission to make mistakes?

What if we stopped to really listen to others?

What if we challenged our preconceived notions, what we “know” to be true?

What if we’re wrong?