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  • Posted August 27, 2018

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary is a Charity focused on veterans, helping them reconnect with their families. Having spent much of my career deployed and/or as a geographic bachelor, I can relate to how much stress may accumulate in a household, and how important it is for a constructive outlet. Project Sanctuary uses a 3-step process: assess the need, reconnect families, and continued support.

Who They Are 

Heather Ehle founded Project Sanctuary in 2007 to help the military family as one unit, her principle may be summed up as: “The whole family serves, and the best way to “support the troops” is by supporting the entire family.” Project Sanctuary uses evidence-based programs to meet the needs of military families.

What They Do 

Assess the Need – Project Sanctuary has committed to never leaving a family in crisis, they will connect families with services/solutions to address the needs identified.

Reconnecting Families – In addition to retreats, Project Sanctuary extends the option to receive “counseling” in a variety of areas; including, but not limited to: financial assistance/education, housing solutions, personal counseling and employment solutions. These are NOT mandatory, but available if a family feels they need them.

Thriving into the Future – As each family works with Project Sanctuary, their ongoing program will be tailor-made to fit their individual needs/goals. Project Sanctuary encourages families to become “self-advocates”, learning how to speak up for what the family needs.

What Else Should I Know

In May of 2018 they were featured on the Today show, you can watch the clip here. Project Sanctuary is involved in many research projects, collaborations and partnerships to continue to evolve their best practices and best serve military families. It may not be as “glamorous” as free concerts or store discounts, but the impact is lasting and meaningful (speaking as a veteran, although I have NOT personally used Project Sanctuary).


I am not an employee of Project Sanctuary; and any errors noted are my own.  If I have misrepresented, or misstated anything please provide constructive feedback so I may make the appropriate change(s). All opinions and views are my own.