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  • Posted March 4, 2019

Own Your Narrative

In my opinion how we see ourselves has a LOT to do with how others will perceive us. Do we feel like victims – constantly exhausted by the demands of our children, coworkers, spouse, etc? Bemoaning how tired we are and how we “just can’t get anything done”? Is this who you want to be? If this is you, do you enjoy how you are feeling?

Yes, there will be times when life’s chaos will overpower even the best laid plans, but you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to pitch a tent and accept this is the only way it can be; because you have “so much going on”. No, I don’t “know” anyone’s circumstances but my own – however I know what I’ve overcome and I believe everyone (with the right support) can conquer their own demons.

Here’s the “trick” – you have to decide if the pain you will suffer (and there will absolutely be pain) in the short term is worth the potential improvements over the long term. I want to be clear, I mean “potential”. Sadly I have no way of guaranteeing everything one does to improve one’s position will have positive results – although I absolutely believe if we are clear about what we want to accomplish, and open to assistance, we will either get closer to where we want to be or have a much clearer understanding of what is keeping us from it (maybe unrealistic expectations, maybe resources, etc).

But, and this is a BIG BUT, the situation is YOURS! It’s not your neighbor/friend/relative, even if they’ve seemingly gone through something just like you’re experiencing now. Their suggested solutions may work, but they should never be taken as guaranteed success. YOU have to do the heavy lifting, and you have to own your mistakes as they occur.

I’m not an island, and I hope no-one else expects/wants to be. My “supports” have changed over the years, as my needs evolve and I overcome various obstacles. I do my best to remain open-minded, acknowledging I do not have the world’s depository of knowledge between my ears. And I try to pay it forward, sharing what has worked, and what hasn’t, in the hopes of easing the journey for others. I ask everyone reading this to do the same.