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  • Posted January 2, 2017

New Year, New You?!

Welcome to 2017! How many of us have resolved this year will be different? Perhaps this is the year you get rid of those stubborn pounds and fit back into your high school/college jeans; or maybe you’re focus is on paying down debt and increasing your savings. Whatever the goal, what can you do to make it happen?

To start, ask yourself if you’re committed to it – or are you doing it for someone else? If you’re not committed you’re almost certainly doomed to fail. I feel like we (humans) are inherently selfish, and that’s okay – it’s kept us alive as a species this long, and look at how far we’ve come. The trick is to use this in our favor. If you want to lose weight or save money, then do so for you. For example, I want to move into an RV when my son finishes High School (seriously); but I need to start saving now because it’s not exactly something I can just go out and purchase. So I’m motivated to save more of my check each month, to give myself the freedom I’m looking for in a few years (he’s in a certificate program, so he’ll be in school until 21).

That’s one of my why’s, I have others and they are all equally about making me feel good. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself rewards, where people get into trouble is when they forget, or don’t want to do, the work necessary first. Unfortunately it’s unlikely any of us will have a magic pill to lose weight or win the lottery, but if we focus on our goal(s), breaking them into manageable chunks to be addressed weekly or monthly; then there is absolutely no reason 2017 cannot be the year you keep your resolution.

So don’t be afraid to be the best you! You CAN do it, if you WANT to do it. And be okay with not wanting to. Life is about choices, and being able to look in the mirror and being happy with yourself. I’m not proposing a life of hedonism, rather a balanced approach of enjoying what life has to offer while acknowledging, and preparing, for the opportunities yet to present themselves. Let’s make the most of 2017!