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couple meeting with planner - certified neurodiverse financial planning services
  • Posted September 15, 2021

Do I Need A Neurodivergent Financial Advisor?

Raising a neurodivergent child or being neurodivergent requires specialized financial planning. For instance, it’s estimated that autism costs an average of $17,000 a year beyond normal expenses. That is significant additional money that requires special planning.

Neurodivergent families have more expenses than other people. Still, they need to plan for their future just like everyone else, which can be overwhelming to figure out when balancing the struggle of autism with building financial security.

Financial planning can be complicated to master, but for those with unique special needs, neurodivergent financial advisory services are critical for optimal results.

How to find a neurodivergent financial advisor for your neurodivergent family?

The question is more about what type of financial advisor to hire than where to find them. If you’re neurodivergent or are the parent of an autistic child, you’ll want to find someone who understands those unique needs.

Planning for the future of a neurodivergent person is different than for a neurotypical person. That’s why it's key to find someone who not only has experience with neurodivergent families but who themself is autistic. Andrew Komarow from Planning Across the Spectrum is someone like that. He'll listen to your needs and advise you in the best way possible to fit your current and future needs.

Indeed, Andrew is autistic, passionate about finance and is a Certified Neurodiversity Professional (CNP®). He's helped countless neurodivergent families over the years.

What financial services are available for neurodivergent people?

Beyond the usual 401k and savings account, some options are only available to disabled people. Let’s take advantage of them! Did you know you can get a special type of savings account if you’re disabled? It’s called an ABLE account, and it allows people to save money without getting taxed on their earnings. To learn more about ABLE accounts go here. Andrew Komarow can help you get set up and offer crucial advice on how much to hold in the account and more. There is so much you can do to secure your or your neurodivergent child's future.

Hiring a financial advisor specializing in neurodivergent people is the best financial decision you can make for your family. They know the ins and outs of getting you the best return for your investment in your specific life-circumstance.

Contact Andrew at Planning Across the Spectrum for Certified Financial Planning Services to help secure your special needs future.