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  • Posted April 29, 2019

Bridging the Gap (TBI Survivors)

I was recently introduced to Bridging the Gap, a non-profit based in California serving individuals across the country who have had a traumatic brain injury and are on the road to recovery. I have friends who are working their own way back from TBIs, and I’m personally glad there is an organization who “gets it”; because if I’m being completely honest there have been times I myself don’t understand where they are coming from or what it must be like.

Who They Are 

Bridging the Gap characterizes themselves as “an online lifeline and resource connector”; and their Resources page is extremely robust – with links from books to support groups.

What They Do 

Bridging the Gap was founded by Celeste Palmer, who is recovering from her own traumatic brain injury and has chosen to share her network of resources with others to help fight off the sense of isolation others may be feeling.

Below is their Mission/Vision, copied from their website:

Bridging the Gap provides a sense of community, resources, education, and student support for brain injury survivors and their loved ones. We hope to decrease the sense of isolation that often occurs after a brain injury, and to empower these individuals to move forward in their lives and achieve their goals. We accomplish this by providing support groups, student scholarships, website resources, and referrals to services.

What Else Should I Know

Bridging the Gap is a non-profit, and although they are based in California the supports they offer are meant to be accessed around the country. The organization is in a growth phase, establishing a strong base of local support groups; as this base solidifies future expansion is almost certain – provided they have the support (financial and otherwise) necessary. Although money is always welcome, individuals willing to give their time as Board members and volunteers are equally valued.


I am not an employee of Bridging the Gap and any errors noted are my own.  If I have misrepresented, or misstated anything please provide constructive feedback so I may make the appropriate change(s). All opinions and views are my own.