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  • Posted December 17, 2017

Be Present, Not Perfect

December is the month for holidays, and it seems like many of us get all wrapped up (pardon the pun) in the festivities and moments. We just have to give the “perfect” gift, host the “perfect” party, etc – you get the idea. And in the midst of all this somehow we lose sight of what the holidays are for (or as I understand it – I don’t celebrate them so I could be missing something).

I see so many of those around me stressing out, almost making themselves physically ill from worry they won’t live up to the expectations they think others have of them. The focus becomes almost materialistic, driving people to spend more than they ordinarily would; followed by feelings of regret and shame in when the holidays are over.

What makes this time of year any different than the other 11 months? What would happen if, instead of trying outspend the Joneses, we spent more time focusing on those we would be buying the gifts for. Give them the gift of your attention, focusing on who they are instead of what they want (or what you think they want). It’ll cost less, and I’m willing to bet everyone will remember this gift much better than those they would have received.