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  • Posted November 2, 2021

Autism, And Planning For Retirement

The autism spectrum is broad. For some autistics, life’s challenges get more manageable with age, but for others, as time goes on, they pile up.

Planning for the future and thinking about retirement is difficult for almost everyone, and this is often especially true for autistic people. Indeed, many neurodivergent folks struggle with simple daily tasks, so making decisions about something as far away as retirement can be overwhelming.

The good news is that there are firms that specialize in and are dedicated to certified neurodiverse financial planning services such as Planning Across the Spectrum and its founder Andrew Komarow.

How do I save for retirement?

Saving for retirement when you’re autistic isn’t much different than if you’re not — on paper, at least. In reality, it’s harder for many neurodivergent people to get organized enough to plan for retirement. Where do you even start?

There are ways to make planning for retirement as an autistic person less stressful, and a certified financial planner can guide you through it all, tailored to your needs.

Did you know that there are also some great resources available only to neurodivergent people, like ABLE accounts?

Retirement planning for your autistic children

Since the autism spectrum is so broad, not all people with autism have the ability to even save for retirement. There are many autistic adults who will never live independently, nor have the ability to plan for something like this, nor potentially even understand the concept. Parents of autistic adults with high support needs must take on preparations for the future of children like this, and the help and support they need can be found with the right financial planner.

Andrew Komarow, who’s autistic himself understands firsthand the challenges autism-families face.

Proper retirement planning goes a long way

Though it may feel overwhelming, there are multiple proven ways to save for retirement as an autistic person. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it! You might learn something that'll change your life.

Contact Planning Across the Spectrum for Certified Neurodiverse Financial Planning Services.