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Neurodiversity Financial Planning Blog

risk management icon representation - special needs insurance is not special needs advisor services
  • Posted September 5, 2020

Special Needs Insurance is not a Plan

All too often we see so many who consider themselves Special Needs Planners Are really just special needs …

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man at desk looking at computer - what is a special needs advisor? - financial planning services
  • Posted September 5, 2020

What Is A Special Needs Advisor

We coined the term Special Needs Advisor to highlight the difference between what we are doing and what …

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fbi agent at computer desk - we are a professional trustee that manages special needs trusts
  • Posted September 3, 2020

Theft from SNT Highlights Value of Using a Professional Trustee

A New Jersey man has been charged with stealing $330,000 from the special needs trust (SNT) of a …

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covid-19 economic stimulus check - how to use stimulus payment for able accounts planning
  • Posted September 1, 2020

Stimulus Payments and ABLE Accounts

One good thing that we have noticed lately is an increased uptick in ABLE account stimulus inquires. This …

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teacher high five student in class - how to stop using special needs functioning labels
  • Posted August 18, 2020

Here’s Why You Should STOP Using Functioning Labels

If you know someone with autism or an intellectual disability, you’ve probably heard them described as high or …

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young girl with autism hugging father - autistic self employment special needs financial planning
  • Posted August 17, 2020

Autism Person Coach Interview

Andrew Komarow joins Autism Personal Coach on this episode of Autism Stories to discuss why self employment may …

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senior woman meeting with agent - how to be self advocate in autism community financial planning
  • Posted August 17, 2020

How to Be a Self-Advocate in the Autism Community

Self-advocacy is an important concept in both the autism and disability communities. The idea of taking an active …

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hispanic female studying on laptop - technology for job seekers with disabilities financial planning
  • Posted July 31, 2020

Technology for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Written by guest author Patrick Young from

The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it illegal for employers …

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woman working on floor with laptop - planning services for disabled individuals seeking employment
  • Posted July 30, 2020

Social Security and Self Employment

Since my focus is helping families with disabilities, I’m hoping to raise awareness for all those parents out …

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vet examining husky puppy  - planning services for disabled individuals seeking employment
  • Posted July 27, 2020

A Guide to Navigating HUSKY in Connecticut in 2020

In Connecticut, both Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are part of a larger program run …

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