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Neurodiversity Financial Planning Blog

grandparent holding grandchild - neurodiverse special needsfinancial planning services farmington ct
  • Posted May 21, 2021

Special Needs Financial Planning For Children And The Grandparents Connection

A common question regarding grandparents when creating financial planning for special needs children. Learn more.

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silhouette of two college graduates - special needs financial planning services farmington ct”
  • Posted May 7, 2021

Three Ways To Create A Better Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Here are three ways teens and young adults and their parents can create better Individualized Education Plans (IEP) …

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elizabeth yoder photo - top financial planning services in farmington ct
  • Posted March 4, 2021

Elizabeth Yoder Joins As Director of Financial Planning

Welcome to the latest new employee Liz Yoder the Director of Financial Planning at PATS. Learn more...

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view of calculator, tax planning, coffee cup - special needs tax planning services farmington ct
  • Posted March 3, 2021

Tax planning For Families And Individuals With Disabilities

There are several tax strategies available to individuals and families with special needs. At Planning Across the Spectrum …

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man working outside with mask on - neurodiverse employer benefit planning services
  • Posted February 14, 2021

What Benefits Should An Employer Have When Hiring Neurodiverse Employees?

Learn more about the types of benefits you may be offering and how through benefit planning services you …

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second ppp loan business concept - autism business financial planning services services
  • Posted January 22, 2021

Can the Second PPP Help Me as An Autistic Small Business Owner?

Learn if a second PPP loan can help an autistic small business autistic owner.

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coronavirus tax relief desk concept - neurodiverse financial planning and counseling services
  • Posted January 6, 2021

What The 2nd Stimulus Bill (COVIDTRA) Means For The Disability & Neurodiverse Community

The US Congress has passed the Coronavirus Stimulus 2.0 bill and here is our summary of the issues …

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family at holidays smiling - neurodiverse financial planning and counseling services
  • Posted December 11, 2020

A New Year’s Wish for the Autism Community

My wish is for the ASD community to embrace and accept its toxicity, along with the good, so …

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coffee break concept - best company for neurodiverse financial planning and counseling services
  • Posted December 5, 2020

How Autistics Can Manage Change Through Planning

How does one keep going in this year full of changes? Read on for some ways autistics can …

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legal book guardianship - neurodiverse parent counseling and financial planning services
  • Posted November 2, 2020

A Guide to Guardianship, Conservatorship and Supported Decision Making

For decades, guardianship was the only option available to parents of neurodiverse or disabled children. Here are additional …

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