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Neurodiversity Financial Planning Blog

dollar sign stock market crash arrow - stock market and financial planning autism anxiety
  • Posted March 18, 2020

Stock Market, Autism, and Anxiety Part II: This one is for the anxious

For those who are unprepared for anxiety

So the truth of the matter is, we are in the …

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frowning man sinking stock exchange - stock market crash impact on autism and anxiety
  • Posted March 17, 2020

Stock Market, Autism, and Anxiety

Why the most anxious are the best prepared

For the past several days, these topics are all that …

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woman alone in front of lake - checklist for traveling alone if you are autistic planning
  • Posted March 11, 2020

Checklist for Travelling Alone While Autistic

The idea of travel can be difficult for anyone on the autism spectrum. However, you do not have …

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boy catching falling money - 2020 congress reverses recent changes to the kiddie tax
  • Posted March 4, 2020

Congress Reverses Recent Changes to the Kiddie Tax

A major bipartisan bill, signed into law by President Trump in December, includes significant tax changes for …

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scrabble tiles spell new rules - 2020 retirement law changes for special needs financial planning
  • Posted March 4, 2020

New Retirement Law Changes Special Needs Planning

Just before the end of 2019, Congress passed and the President signed a spending bill that includes significant …

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piggy bank on dollar bills - an introduction to able accounts financial planning with special needs
  • Posted March 4, 2020

An Introduction to ABLE Accounts

When Congress passed the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act in 2014, it was a game-changer for …

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training newspaper headline - autistic individuals should stop looking for a job financial planning
  • Posted February 13, 2020

Individuals with Autism should STOP looking for a Job

If you are confused by the title – good! That means I successfully completed my goal. While the …

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529 college fund file folder - can you transfer 529 plan funds to an able account financial planning
  • Posted January 16, 2020

Should 529 Funds Be Transferred to an ABLE Account?

Thanks to recent changes in the tax law, families can now make limited transfers from existing 529 accounts …

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colorful lego pieces - embracing your interests as a special needs person financial planning
  • Posted January 7, 2020

Embracing My Special Interests

As someone on the spectrum, I have/had various special interests during my childhood. I never thought that they …

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two women hugging smiling - what happens if able account beneficiary is no longer disabled
  • Posted January 2, 2020

What Happens to an ABLE Account If the Beneficiary Is No Longer Disabled?

It is possible that an individual, once diagnosed as a person with special needs, sometime in the future …

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